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Acrylic, gesso, and gold leaf on canvas. 34 x 46"



As with this painting, and every artists desire for that matter, my hope is for you to experience this image on a personal level. The benefit with abstract art (and impressionist art as well), allows for the suggestion of a thing to be possibly more convincing then a detailed portrayal, like a photograph (nothing against photograph's of course!). This is due to the tendency of our brains to project meaning onto images in order to complete our expectations. We see what we expect to see (the image itself and title) and the surrounding information and our understanding of the world around us informs and guides our perception. As a result, this painting would not only be a work from my hands, heart and mind, but it can become for you an intimate convincing portrayal of that which can only sometimes be expressed without words.

Behind the Curtain (34x46")

  • Prices include shipping costs. If larger works require freight shipping or additional costs, the buyer will be contacted. For international shipping, please contact me.

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