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About Me, Art and Water

Looking to get something from art that's meaningful? Just add water. 


Through the language of art, I am a modern abstract expressionist artist influenced by the healing power of being in, on, or near water. Many of us find ourselves exhausted, burned out, struggling to catch a break or rest for our lives. We need a recharge. Water and art can help. I strive to unveil the healing power of water captured in art that can transform your "walls"... literally and personally.

Neuroscientists say spending time near oceans, lakes, rivers and other blue bodies of water can provide a range of benefits including reducing anxiety, easing mental fatigue and re-energizing us. Bodies of water, whether it be the ocean, lake, fountain, rain, a sprinkler, or even a painting that connotes water, can produce a glorious sense of awe. This awe is the emotional response to something vast that expands and challenges how we see the world, and awe can decrease stress and help us put things into perspective. Researchers have shown that water gives our brain a break from the intense, focused attention that much of daily life requires and that can be cognitively depleting. 

Often, the abstract paintings that I create imaginatively denote water that provides that sense of rest, peace, and awe. Each painting reflects the properties of water, that are dynamic as it moves in a rhythmic way, producing a play of light, color and sound that is mesmerizing. Ultimately, my desire is for you to experience these paintings with your own subjective experience and life story through the healing power of water. For you, the painting can capture a memory, celebrate a story, heal a past, or any other significant area in your life.

To this end, I use a couple of techniques and styles that all reflect the nature and properties of water. I stain and push paint into the canvas, creating spaces, edges, and gestures that are used with layer over layer of paint in a fluid and water-like manner allowing fluid paint to take a life on its own-- just like water-- in order to provide a refreshing sense of rest for the soul.

In addition to abstract expressionist paintings that are influenced by water, other work I dabble in combines abstract expressionism with a more modern form of medium: street art stenciling and spray. Often, these paintings are social commentaries on our modern life and times: the juxtaposition between disorder and rest. Yet, they provide a striking beauty that exists between the balance of reality and hope, and the underlaying power of water that can provide a way forward toward that equation. 

Aside from art, I live with my wife and kids in the beautiful log-cabin, biking, and lake community of Medford Lakes, New Jersey, and I have participated in a number of local exhibitions, as well as being fortunate enough to have my work shipped to collectors around the world.

The best way to find the latest of what I'm up to is to check out my Instagram feed, and stay tuned for a way to sign up for private mailing list for behind the scenes look at what I'm working on, inspirational stories, and special private offers.

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